Diagnostics in relation to the development and application of consultancy projects:

  • Training needs assessment and developing a project for evaluation of the training - interviews, focus groups, surveys and tests.
    (see Hebros Bank case)
  • Diagnostics for organizational development.
    (see Team Puls )



Assessment and development centre


This integrated approach combines the advantages of different methods for evaluation and also different point of views of the professional assessors.

We create custom oriented evaluation tools for each job description or set of competencies.

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Program for Prevention of Stress at Work Place

We analyze individual skills for coping with stress at the work place for key employees in the organization or for  whole teams.


Pilot project has been conducted with managers from Schneider Electric Bulgaria.

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Assessment of Organizational Climate and Employee Opinion

This is one of the most accurate indicators of the need for organizational change. In our practice we use both our methodology and licensed tests of OS Bulgaria.

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STRUCTOGRAM® Training is Based on Genetics

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