Events +


You want to gather your team for:


-  feedback and understanding outcomes;

-  increasing motivation;

-  gathering information on levels of work satisfaction;

-  generating ideas and suggestions for business development and improvement;

-  knowledge and skills exchange



At Together with our consultants we can organize and facilitate your EVENTS +, provoking the active participation of all attending (between 20 – 200 people) using various methods that add value to your business development and success.


We can support you in:


  • Programme – our specialists prepare individual courses and content which relate to your unique event needs;
  • Pre-preparation for the presentations – preliminary meetings with the presenters of your event to improve their presentation skills;
  • Event organization – we pay attention to every detail for your effective and successful event– the whole preliminary organization and the logistics during the event itself;
  • Facilitating the event – our team contains professional facilitators that provide more interaction and constructive dialogue (check out the methods we use HERE)
  • Evaluation and Recommendations – we create evaluation reports and meetings after your Events+ to discuss the most important moments, the successful parts of your event and next steps for further development in the direction you want to go.


Some of the methods we work with:



World Cafe

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Future Search Workshop

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Living Book

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Open Space Technology

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Appreciative Enquiry

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