STRUCTOGRAM® Training is Based on Genetics

It clearly emerges which features can be changed without problems and which cannot.


  • Improve yourself in harmony with your nature.
  • Understand others and lead them to results in a "suitable" way.
  • Increase sales and customer satisfaction.

Special strengths and advantages of the STRUCTOGRAM® Training System:

  • Simple - Elegant format, straight forward to apply, and visual way to remember results
  • Scientific - Based on physical science and research and proven to be valid, stable, and reliable
  • Successful - Over 30 years in the market and over 1 million motivated people trained worldwide and most

According to the Structogram Method, if you want to have successful sales you need three things:


  1. Synchronicity between personality and sale’s approach
  2. Approaching the client in the most adequate way
  3. Specific knowledge for the product you want to sell


Our purpose is to spread the Structugram method throughout Bulgaria and the Balkans. We already have  two certified trainers for Bulgaria and more to join the certification programme. More information for the Structugram method you can find on www.structogram.bg

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