Specialized trainings



Our understanding

  • The inside-company training must be constructed and implemented according the company business strategy and needs. In other words – the training is subordinated to business.
  • The client needs research is our first step in every project. We use meetings, interviews, questionnaires, focus-groups, etc
  • The next stage includes design and preliminary program, which the client is asked to approve

Our advantages

  • We create complex programs for development.
  • We form and participate in tailor-made teams of professional trainers and consultants for each and every client.
  • In every project we examine the target group needs – a project which we create together with you.
  • We create individual design of every training according the client necessities – exercises, simulations, key studies, unique scenarios that successfully meet our clients’ needs.
  • We work Together with higher qualified trainers with very good physiological preparation, they are flexible and mobile.
  • We make follow-up of every training and insure managers feed back on meeting with them or by consultancy report.
  • We propose follow-up meetings – 3-5 weeks after the training is e period for strengthen and holding the training effect.
  • We are interested in the way of your entire company presentation after implementation of the TOGETHER project.
  • We evaluate the effect of training in the work process.
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