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Train the trainers (ToT)


We introduce you the newest methods which allow the identification and the usage of resources of the company - future workshops, open space world and the world cafe methods. These methods have proven their efficiency throughtout the globe and we believe they would help our country in the current state of economic crisis.



First module - Ladder of success

(For trainers with experience less than 30 training hours)

We believe the personal approach to every participant is crucial element of these training. That’s why we propose personal interviews and questionnaires with you as a participant so we can evaluate together with you your skills and level of competence and again together set measurable and achievable goals and tasks before the training.


Topics covered in the training

  • Practical credentials for training needs analysis in your group
  • Examples for good practice about designing and preparing a training
  • Consulting about your preliminary training programme
  • Basic presentation skills
  • Personal feedback about your presentation skills
  • Participation certificate


Second module – Ensuring sustainability of success

(For participants from the first module or experienced trainers with more than 30 training hours)


Topics covered in the training

  • Personal experience with techniques for leading group process
  • Practical recommendations for evaluating the training’ success in five stages
  • Personal feedback about the efficiency of the conducted or planned training and the most important - how to rise it up
  • Planning the activities after the training to ensure the sustainable results
  • Certificate for participation

Number of the participants in a group is about 10 to 15 people so everyone can receive personal attention and feedback from the trainers.



Third module – Perpetuum mobile of the company – people, knowledge and resources inside


We present the newest methods for opening and using the company’ resources like Open space Technology, “The world Café” method and Future Search Workshop. These methods have been proven heir efficiency in Europe and America. We believe they would help us in our situation here in Bulgaria.


If you want to learn more about them you can follow the links below:


For more detailed information about the different modules just e-mail us at office @ or call + 359 888 775 710.

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