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Xpert personal business skills



Concultanting company TOGETHER has license agreement for training and evaluation of the certificated program Xpert Personal Business Skills from DVV International. For the past three years over 90 % of the people attended our courses successfully obtained an international certificate.


For the last four years, the Xpert Personal Business Skills system was integrated not only in Bulgaria, but also in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Macedonia, and Greece. Together is part of that international group along with 15 partners located all over Bulgaria.


The twelve moduls of the system present knowledge and skills for the key social competencies needed for successful integration in the business environment. The system will expand your knowledge and will examine the result by a standardized test. Everybody, who has successfully completed this test will be awarded with an European certificate.


The four areas for developing your key competencies are:

  • Talking and Negotiating
  1. Sales skills
  2. Negotiating skills
  3. Presenting in front of audience
  • Effective Planning and Organisation
  1. Project management
  2. Time management
  3. Solving problems and developing ideas
  4. Making decisions - taking responsible action
  • Moderating Group Processes
  1. Team management and development
  2. Resolving group conflicts
  3. Successful meetings leading


  • Effective Presentations
  1. Presentation Skills
  2. Creating computer presentations and transparencies





  • Two-days open course according to the European standards;
  • Certification of social and personal business skills – each of the moduls ends with an standardized test;
  • Certified trainers and  standardized exams.
  • Good balance between theory and practice  
  • Manuals and working materials translated and adapted in Bulgarian;
  • More opportunities for career development with our European certificates.


Participants Feedback:


“Thank you for the patience and care with which you were working with us. Good Luck!”

Daniela Peeva – Sales Manager – Tip Top Courier


Thank you for your attitude during the training. Thank you for the shared knowledge and the care. Thank you for telling me the good news just after the training”

                                                                                                           Vesela IvanovaCEZ Bulgaria 


”Thank you for the wonderful two-days that we spent together in your training centre! It was a pleasure, it was fun, and very useful time, for sure.”

                                                                                                           Teodora Dimowa –  Call Centre Manager -  DSK bank  



For more information check Portfolio and the program

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